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On the Air

Listen to our radio ads
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People Like You & Me (:10)
Crime Scene (:15)
Chicago (:15)
Kennesaw (:15)
If Only (:30)
Chicago (:30)
Kennesaw (:30)
Chicago/Kennesaw (:60)
Mothers (:60)
Can We Talk? (:60)



Pro-gun radio ads

We use low cost, high impact electronic outreach tools to tell people the good news that widespread gun ownership prevents crime and save lives. We're already broadcasting our TV ads on this subject and we've just completed a series of radio ads, too.

There are 10-second, 15-second, 30-second and 60-second spots. Eventually you'll be able to listen to all of them here.

Supporters can buy time to broadcast these ads locally, or submit them to radio stations to run for free as public service announcements (PSAs). You'll be able to buy CDs of these spots at our eLibertyTools.com web-store very shortly. We'll also have a book of instructions about how to get these ads broadcast in your area.

To be made instantly aware of when these ads will be available on CD, and to track the progress of our other outreach efforts please subscribe to our free e-newsletter, Armed & Secure Review.

The TV and radio ads we've produced so far are only the first of many more to come. By becoming a financial supporter of the American Liberty Foundation's Armed & Secure project you'll be able to help decide the nature of our future outreach efforts on the gun issue. We allow supporters to choose the subject matter for future productions, to submit ideas of their own, and even participate in the script selection for new ads. If you'd like to become a partner in the Armed & Secure outreach project by making a contribution, please click here.